This Tiny Laptop Adapter Charges Two Other Devices At the Same Time

There's a new challenger to the throne when it comes to replacement laptop chargers that are considerably smaller than the monstrous power adapters typically included with a notebook. And while the Zolt's compact form factor makes it one of the smallest and lightest, what sets it apart—and ahead—of the competition is its ability to actually charge a laptop and two other devices all at the same time.


With 70 watts of power in total, the Zolt eclipses the 45 watts the Apple MagSafe 2 power adapter that ships with the MacBook Air provides. Which means there's plenty of power left over to charge your smartphone and your tablet from the Zolt's three USB ports. So at three-inches long with the prongs folded down not only is it smaller than your existing laptop charger, you can also leave your other chargers at home.

When available sometime this spring for $100, or $80 if you pre-order, the Zolt will work with laptops and ultrabooks from companies like Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, and Toshiba thanks to an included set of swappable tips. The company promises a MacBook version will also be made available once the Zolt is shipping, but will be an added accessory you'll have to purchase in addition to the adapter. Which means it will be slightly more expensive for Mac users, but seemingly still worth whatever the price ends up being. [Zolt]

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