Do you feel guilty printing out an entire email when all you really needed was someone's address? King Jim's new compact Cocodori printer is designed for just those occasions. Using an included piece of software, it lets you highlight only specific areas of your screen for printing. And what you're left with is a receipt-sized note with an adhesive backing that you can even use as a sticky note.


Whether you're printing a coupon, a photograph, or directions to a party, the hard copies will be tough to lose when they're stuck to the inside of your wallet or purse. And since you're making a perfect copy of what's on your screen, there's no room for human error or mistakes, as there would be if you copied the information out by hand.

The Cocodori printer will set you back around $134 when it's available at the end of the month, but as with most printers these days, there's not a lot of information on how much the thermal paper refills will cost you—or how long they'll last. However, if wasting entire sheets of paper has been nagging on your conscience, this just might be worth the added expense. [King Jim via Akihabara News]

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