This Titanium Bow Could Be the Next Great Bike Lock

The word "bow" doesn't exactly connote theft-deterring power, but when that bow is made out of titanium, it's a different story. The Kickstarter hopeful TiGr lock claims flexibility, hack-proof strength, and a sexy design worthy of your ride.

The neatest part of the TiGr is its mutability—it'll bend to lock your bike to a variety of objects, rather than the traditional, rigid U-lock. Once you've got the TiGr wrapped in place, you click it into a locking cylinder, twist your key, and off you go. And because it's crafted from titanium, it'll be pretty light on the as well. If you want to see the TiGr leap out of prototype purgatory, throw 'em some cash—it looks like a pretty great design. [Kickstarter via CrunchGear]


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