This TiVo Mini Extends Your DVR For $100 (Plus a $6 Monthly Fee)

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If you have a TiVo in your home entertainment set-up and wish it could serve its content elsewhere, here's a solution. The TiVo Mini is an extender box which lets you stream to another room for $100—plus a $6 monthly fee.

The little box lets you beam pre-recorded shows from your main TiVo box, or borrow one of its tuners to let you watch live TV in another room. You can also control parts of the big box, too, setting up recordings and seaons passes remotely, and access services like Hulu Plus, YouTube, and Spotify.

Some downsides, though. First, it needs a wired internet connection (what century is this?), and won't work with Premiere, Premiere XL, or earlier TiVos. Also, the $100 price tag is supplemented by a $6 monthly charge or one-off $150 lifetime subscroption fee. So in reality it costs $250. [TiVo via Verge]


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Broken Machine

It should be pretty obvious to most by now that Tivo is not going to allow multi-room service cheaply. You're not going to be able to use a base-end DVR and a subscriptionless box to get your programming on more than one TV. There will be no Android app for the Tivo Stream as they can't control what devices you watch the feed on as strictly as with iOS; there will be no Tivo Stream AppleTV app. You can own multiple DVRs and multiple service packages, one expensive DVR and an expensive extender box, or, at the best price, limit your streaming to a device no larger than the largest iPad.