This Transforming Scooter Is the Ultimate Mobility Aid for Any Age

It's assumed that electric scooters are a tool designed for those with mobility issues or the elderly, but the creators of the transforming ILY-A concept see it as the perfect solution for commuters, travelers, or anyone who occasionally just doesn't feel like walking.

The scooter—which is the best way to describe the ILY-A—can transform into an electric-powered sit-down rideable, a standing scooter that's propelled by the rider, a powered luggage cart that makes it easier to push around a mountain of suitcases, and finally a compact travel mode for dragging it up to your office after your commute.


Jointly developed by Aisin Seiki, an auto parts manufacturer, and the Chiba Institute of Technology, the ILY-A will have a top speed of just over six miles per hour, and a battery range that should keep it running for a full day. And to ensure that it's safe to operate around pedestrians, the ILY-A includes a front-facing wide-field infra-red sensor that restricts the scooter's speed when there are large crowds around, and stops is altogether when there's an obstacle directly in front of it.

There's no word on when the ILY-A concept will officially be available, but its creators definitely want to put it into production one day as a cheaper and greener commuting alternative. Plus, it looks slightly less dorky than a Segway.


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