This Trippy Animated Video Is a Roller Coaster Through the Internet

Whoa. Austin Motion Artists Group's computer-animated space warp is the grooviest 3 minutes you'll witness today. It's positively mesmerizing.


Set to The Octopus Project's song "MMKIT," the video was animated by 14 teams, each working on an 11-second snippet of the song. Despite the disparate teams contributing to the project, the 3-minute end result is strikingly cohesive. If a zigzagging roller coaster ride of sight and sound can ever be called "cohesive." Far out, man. [Austin Motion Artists Group via Digg]

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I was instantly reminded of "Beyond the Mind's Eye". A little old for a lot of you young'ins, these quasi-movies were made to showcase the progress of CGI, specifically 3D computer animations.