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This Ultraviolet Lamp Keeps Your Dishwasher Clean No Matter How Dirty the Dishes

Illustration for article titled This Ultraviolet Lamp Keeps Your Dishwasher Clean No Matter How Dirty the Dishes

There's a good chance your dishwasher fills with nasty, dirty dishes well before you get around to doing a load. And that breeds bacteria that can lead to an awful smell in your kitchen; a consequence of laziness that this UV disinfectant lamp promises to eliminate.


The microscopic murderous benefits of ultraviolet light have been known and harnessed in disinfecting products for years now, but the Klin-Tec promises to wipe out bacteria and micro-organisms on a grander scale inside your dishwasher. When left inside it automatically turns on for 12 minutes every 24 hours to thoroughly clean your dishwasher's interior, but thanks to a light sensor it will automatically switch off if the door is opened in the middle of a cleaning.

The lamp is unfortunately not waterproof, so you'll have to remember to remove it before washing a load. Otherwise you'll have to cough up $30 for a replacement, but that's nothing to worry about compared to what the vast civilizations of bacteria in your dishwasher will have to deal with. [Pro-Idee]

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Meyer Lansky Sqarrs

I got one of those UV lights that professed to "kill" bacteria and fleas.

I trapped a flea inside it, in the compartment with the lightbulb. Turned it on. Left it on, sitting on the counter, for half an hour.

That little fucker was still jumping around in there.