A Japanese company may have finally solved the issue of umbrellas flipping inside out during nasty storms with a new, rather brilliant design: why not have the umbrella inside out to begin with? You'll probably need to take a few minutes to wrap your head around the concept, which actually has several advantages over a traditional design.

The unique design of h concept's Unbrella has the support struts on top of the canopy, so the forces from strong winds actually work to keep it open. It also means the umbrella closes upwards, which is another brilliant aspect of its redesign. The surface of the canopy that gets soaked by the rain ends up staying on the inside, so while carrying it you remain dry as a bone.


Available sometime in February of next year for about $96, the Unbrella's design even allows it to stand on its and properly drain while it dries. So while it may be unique now, it probably won't be long before every umbrella maker starts to rip-off its innovations. [h concept via Taxi]