This Video Makes Bill Gates Look Cooler Than Steve Jobs

OMG, I can hear the fanboys battling already. Here's a video from last night's CES 2008 keynote, Bill Gates' last for the foreseeable future. And I know its scripted, edited and contrived, but I'm sold: The man is a cool geek. He's not cool in a fonzie/Jobs kind of way in this video. But very much like how he seemed at total ease with his geekiness and place in the universe at Mossberg and Swisher's All Things D conference the guy just looks happy here. (Especially while playing goofy and modest butt of the joke with this short's star studded cast.) He seems nothing like the anti-antitrust mogul with a killer instinct and "bad taste" we learned to hate in Pirates of Silicon Valley. Fanboys, get to your comment battle stations. Just leave me out of it — I only wrote the headline. [Link]



I got a good chuckle. Liked the video as much as the next person.

But come on guys. If by showing, via a scripted video, that, even though you are one of the most powerful men in the world, you are still a personable dude with a sense of humor, and not afraid to venture into self deprecating humor here and there makes you cool, well then, that makes our favorite Mr. President George Bush one helluva cool motherfucker.