This Video of Planet Earth Will Give You Goosebumps

I just watched this video and still have goosebumps. Seriously. Crank up the volume, make it full screen, play and enjoy. The wonderment overdose is really worth it.

And sure, it's just a compilation of incredible clips showing Earth from every possibly amazing place in the planet , edited to some "everything is wonderful" soundtracks, but screw it, I left my cynic pants at home and my tender parts are all exposed. [Facebook]

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I was right there - until they started throwing in noble black men in the savannah and black kids hoisting black babies intercut with cheetahs and monkeys. they're the only humans in the animal kingdom section. the first time you see a white person is two minutes later and they are imperiously atop a mountain.

I'm serious - its really, deeply truly racist that. They literally put african people in the noble animals section. someone in about a hundred years would watch this with their hand covering their mouth.

Blackman = Noble Savage.

Whiteman = Mountain conqueror and snowboarder.

Whiteman also equals person who cut this together.

Dodgy this. really, really, really dodgy.