This Vintage Goonies Featurette Is a Pure Shot of '80s Nostalgia

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That map leads right to this amazing video.
That map leads right to this amazing video.
Photo: Warner Bros.

Often times, a classic movie can help us time travel. It brings us right back to the instant we first saw it. Maybe you were with a special person. Maybe you were a certain age. But few things tap into nostalgia like a fan’s relationship to a movie.

That’s the relationship the below video plays with. It’s a 1985 featurette about the making of The Goonies, shot on the set of The Goonies. It’s been out there for a while (we’re guessing about 35 years or so), but Warner Bros. just put a new, clean version of it on YouTube and it’s a water balloon of nostalgia. Watch it and soak in the era with all the clothes, characters, humor, and more of The Goonies. Check it out.

I didn’t think it was possible, but that featurette is even more ‘80s than The Goonies itself. What a lovely feeling.


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