If you're worried that you've been sleeping in too much, or spending more time in front of the TV than you really should, you can finally see how your lifestyle stacks up to your fellow man by just glancing at your wrist. The rotating disc on Mr Jones Average Days watch takes 24 hours to make a full lap, and as it spins it reveals the most common activity for a given hour, and the average time spent doing it.


And it's not like the data used to create the $200 watch's 24-hour pie graph was fabricated so it looked aesthetically pleasing. No, the folks at Mr Jones borrowed research and data from the Centre For Time Use Research to create this unique, but accurate, timepiece. All in all over 5,000 people were surveyed to amass this data, but don't feel bad if you find yourself spending more time than most snacking. Remember, that still leaves over 7 billion people on this planet who could be just like you. [Mr Jones Watches via Holycool]