This Watercolor Bot Will Make a Painter Out of Anyone

Not all of us are, alas, artistically inclined. Luckily, we now have robots to help. WaterColorBot 2.0 connects right with your computer, turning images on the screen into a bot-painted watercolor on paper.

Evil Mad Scientists Laboratories has unveiled the second version of WaterColorBot, now with no assembly required along with a few other upgrades. You just snap a standard watercolor palette into into place, and the bot's arm does the physical work for you. But there's still plenty of room for human artistic input: WaterColorBot connects to a computer, where you can create your own drawings on the screen. Or choose from preloaded vector art—depends on what you're trying to prove.


WaterColorBot 2.0 is now available from Evil Mad Scientists for $295. [Evil Mad Scientist via BoingBoing]

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