If your vacation involves a scuba adventure to some exotic underwater locale, of course you're going to want to take photos to make everyone back home jealous. And since the iPhone has become the go-to pocket camera for most tourists, Thanko's now selling a monstrous, over-engineered case that promises to keep your iPhone bone dry, and functional, to depths of around 330 feet.


Made of milled aluminum, the $300 case (oof!) locks your iPhone in with sealed gaskets and a clear screen protector allowing you to still see the display and use your phone as a camera. There's no access to the lock button, though, so you'll need to disable autolock and keep it perpetually on before entering the water.

And since you can't access its touchscreen either, you'll have to put your iPhone's camera icon at the bottom of the main screen so that it, and its shutter button, can be accessed using a series of touch-sensitive buttons built into the case. It sounds like a bit of a pain to use, but when you surface again, you'll be glad you can immediately upload all your photos to Instagram and commence bragging. [Thanko via Akihabara News]

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