Well, this is flat out amazing. Most waterproof cases for phones are bulky monstrosities that keep water out, but make it really difficult to use the device it's protecting. Not the Case Marine. At just 0.25mm thick, you can actually use it with another case on top.

Made of polyurethane with a clear acrylic panel that covers the phone's display, the Case Marine can be installed on an iPhone 4 or a Galaxy S2 in less than five seconds, protecting it from water to a depth of over 32 feet. And the touchscreen is of course still completely accesible and usable while the phone's inside.


Seemingly only available in Japan at the moment, the lite version of the Case Marine sells for just $15, while a premium version, which appears to cover more of the phone's back panel including the camera lens, is $38. And coming soon is an iPad version for $50 that promises to let you keep using your tablet during baths, showers, downpours, and even light scuba diving. [DigInfo TV]