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This Waterproof Power Strip Scares Me

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Wet Circuits' waterproof power strip is so brilliant, it feels wrong. Just look at the water splashing all over the electrical outlets! That picture alone sends me quivering, I mean, I'm half-expecting it to blow up in a horrific explosion.

Not only is the Wet Circuits power strip water resistant, it also offers touch protection, controls temperature, prevents spark and lasts 4 times as long as your typical power strip (I wasn't aware power strips even expired).


The lovely 'Jolin' shows you how it works:

It costs $35, which isn't too bad considering the shock you'll give your friends when you pour water on it but is sort of expensive for only having 4 outlets and no USB drives. I'm not buying one yet, I'm still not ready to believe this thing really works. [Wet Circuits via Gear Diary]