This Website Can Help People Find Power, But Only With Some Help From You

Power is slowly flowing back into lower Manhattan, but there are plenty of areas still affected by the wreckage of Sandy's rage, and plenty of people who don't have power. Fortunately, there's a site that can help them out, but it also needs a little help from you.

Places With Power is a simple little ad-free website whipped up by Dan Cooper for the sole purpose of helping people who don't have power find nearby business that do, and are open for business. The catch, of course, is that before anyone can find them, they have to report in as open and with power.


So if you've got a convenience store bordering an affected area and you want to help out, report in! If you're just some guy, but you know of a place with power, report it in too! It only takes a few seconds, and with each update the site becomes a more valuable tool to the folks who really need it and can get to it somehow. So do your part, add any good spots you know of, and spread the words to people who can help the site, and people the site can help. Get to it. [Places With Power, thanks Dan!]

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