Giz Pick of the Week: uhh... We're actually not sure which movie to endorse this week. Speed Racer was viewed at a drive-in, where it was tough to make much of its probably gorgeous visual effects. Pirates of the Caribbean is hitting in a $83 3-movie pack...which doesn't seem like any kind of special deal. And Ang Lee's Hulk (yeah, that's the one coming this week, not the recent update) isn't exactly a fan favorite. Of course, we listed all of the releases after the jump. So maybe there's something you prefer.

•1408 (Weinstein) •88 Minutes (Sony) •Another Cinderella Story (Warner) •Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might/Lord Slug (FUNimation) •Hulk (2003) (Universal) •The Love Guru (DreamWorks) •Madagascar (DreamWorks) •Made of Honor (Sony) •The Mist (Weinstein) •Pirates of the Caribbean: 3-Movie Collection (Walt Disney) • Pushing Daisies: Season One (Warner) •Risky Business (Warner) •Speed and Angels (Vivendi Visual) •Speed Racer (Warner)