This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Spring Break '88

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Hey, remember 1988?! Of course not, you weren't even born yet. But for those of us who lived through the MTV Spring Break broadcasts of decades past, Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island crew couldn't have found a more perfect pitch.


The rest of the best top comedy videos from the week can be found over at Splitsider, including bad dads, desperate Domino's, and a Fantastic Mr. (Star) Fox.

Other highlights from the week in comedy:

-Maggie Carey's The Hand Job got the best cast ever.

-Funny or Die announced their book imprint.

-Comedian Mike DeStefano died tragically of a heart attack; we ran one of his final interviews.


-Gil Ozeri watched every single episode of Two and a Half Men back to back over two and a half straight days and lived to tell the tale.

-Zach Galifianakis' hilarious SNL promos bode well for this weekend's episode.

-The NBC comedies you love all have hour-long episodes in the pipeline.

-We went looking for Libyan comedy, with mixed results.

-A new book of Shel Silverstein poetry and drawings is being released to the delight of inner childs everywhere.

-Tina Fey broke down the two types of SNL writers: Harvard nerds and crazy improvisers.

Illustration for article titled This Weeks Top Web Comedy Video: Spring Break 88

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"....not born yet"? that hurts..i was born '81 *laughs* damit, i am 29 and the net(blogs,pages, chatrooms) gives me the feeling like this are my last 5mins of breathing o(^ - ^ )b