This Whiskey Was Made From Urine

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I'm really into whiskey, but I think I'll pass on tasting Gilpin Family Whisky. Why? Because this single malt whiskey is made from urine. Specifically, it's made from the sugar rich urine of elderly diabetics.


Why elderly diabetics? Because "large amounts of sugar are excreted on a daily basis by type-two diabetic patients, especially amongst the upper end of our aging population." That sugar is removed by purifying the urine and then added to the mash stock to accelerate the fermentation process. So yeah, it's filtered and fermented and all that good stuff but dude, it's still piss.

You can't actually buy Gilpin Family Whisky because it's given away as a public health statement. Urine as a display piece, I suppose. Gilpin Family Whisky only takes a couple of weeks to make a batch but Gilpin himself think it's "best if it is left in the bottle for a little while." I wonder why. [Gilpin Family Whisky via BoingBoing via]


There probably isn't any freshwater on the planet that wasn't incorporated into excrement at some point in its existence. I don't see how one is any more gross than the other.