This Wonderful Time Lapse Walk Captures New York's Holiday Feeling Perfectly

Walking through the New York wonderland during the holidays could be a pretty magical experience. This video, made by Cris Magliozzi, captures that feeling perfectly. It's a very special time lapse, made while he was walking from Central Park to Rockefeller Center.


He moved his tripod forward step by step, capturing the time lapse along the walk. Then, occasionally, he stopped to record video at 60 frames per second, scaling the result to ultra slow-motion during the editing process. I like the results of this combination.

Enjoy. [Greatist]

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The last scene is a little depressing: "New York City holidays wouldn't be complete with stock broker dad making trades on the side of the ice skating rink."

Maybe that's just my depressed view, but that's what it looked like to me...heh.