Watching a Machinist Make an Entire Clock From Scratch Is So Soothing

A velvet-voiced Australian craftsman named Chris is the Bob Ross of clock-making. He shows you how to make a skeleton clock from scratch at home on his YouTube channel, Clickspring. In this installment of a multi-part series, bask in the close-ups of brass melting away like golden velvet to make shiny washers and screws. They’ll eventually go into making a beautifully elaborate timepiece. The finished product will be as pretty as Big Ben, if even these teeny, tiny, glittering components are any indication.

[Boing Boing]

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I think my favorite part about watching this is that this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. He has an inkling of an idea, and the motivation to attempt it. He keeps getting those screws wrong, and he keeps trying different things until he gets what he wants.

This isn’t a video about how he makes stuff. This is a video about how he learns to make stuff. I love it.