Thodio A-Box Bulletproof Speakers Are Perfect For Your Bunker

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Back in 2007, Thodio made the lovingly hand-crafted iBox speakers. But you know what? That was then. In today's rough and tumble world, your iPod needs speakers wrought with freakin kevlar. Welcome, survivalists, to the Thodio A-Box.


The innards are the same as the iBox, with your choice between two 25 watt amplifier or a "heavy duty" 70 watts. But really, the guts aren't the selling point for this bad boy. Heck, even Thodio knows that:

The iPod/mp3 player can be connected on the outside of the A-BOX as well as the inside so you can listen to your tunes while running around with the A-BOX for example or just protecting your iPod from bullets and stuff.


You know, bullets and stuff. What else does the heavy version offer? If the speakers are driven too loud, you get a "funky disco effect."

Sure, the heavy duty version'll run you $611, but that's a small price to pay for being able to dance under the funky disco lights of your blown-out speakers, firing round after round at it late into the night. [Thodio via The Awesomer]

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Broken Machine

Why do I have a feeling this will inspire far more DIY's than actual sales?