Three Motorola Android Phones Leak Out, With the Targa Showing a Sizeable Camera Hump


ll good phones must be succeeded by a similar-sounding phone...but what's this Targa (pictured above)? A high-end Android phone with 4G support? Whatever it is, it's making the leaked Droid X 2 and Droid 3 look almost boring.


The Droid 3 is said to have a slide-out keyboard (though it's not pictured in the below leaked snap), with the Droid X 2 using a qHD screen and running on a dual-core processor. Unlike the Targa, both of these phones will lack 4G connectivity. There is one rather interesting feature worth noting on the Targa—did you spot that fat upper back? We presume it's for the camera—a 13MP one, it's rumored, but that's quite a hunchback it's got.

Also suggested by the grainy pics is a forward-facing camera; a HDMI output and capacitive buttons. This is definitely a phone worth watching out for, by the looks of things. [HowardForums Targa, Howard Forums Droid X2 and Howard Forums Droid 3 via PhoneArena]


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