As the D3000 has been kicking around since last July, it's nearing the time we should be seeing a worthy upgrade. That's what Nikon Rumors is reporting anyway, with some intriguing leaks about three new DSLRs.


The successor to the D3000 will most likely see small updates with the sensor and AF system, but it's the next step-up of DSLRs which sounds the most exciting—a 16MP behemoth with 39-AF point, not to mention the ability to shoot in 1080p at 24fps, with an ISO range of up to 6,400. Nikon Rumors is speculating that this model will either be a replacement for the D90, or could carve out a new series altogether, somewhere between the D90 and the next level up with the D300s and D3s. A third model will also join them in getting announced in the next month or two. [Nikon Rumors via CrunchGear]

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