Tim Burton's Bizarre Hansel & Gretel That Disney Only Aired Once

Before Willy Wonka, before Edward Scissorhands, before The Nightmare Before Christmas, and before Beetlejuice, Tim Burton worked at Disney. That doesn't mean his movies were any less bizarre, though. Case and point: his version of Hansel and Gretel.

This 34-minute long film aired on the Disney Channel just once, on Halloween night in 1983. And lucky for you, the short film just hit YouTube. It's hard to tell what the weirdest bit of it is, though. Is it the super low budget sets made of paper? Is it the horrifying clown puppet halfway through? Or is it the witch with the candy cane nose wearing the Lady Gaga outfit?

Who cares! It's so weird, it's fun. The best part is that after you watch it, you'll go back to Beetlejuice and think it's the quaintest thing ever. [i09]

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*Charlie and the chocolate factory. Tim Burton didn't do Willy Wonka.