ThinkGeek has made a very strong case to put a clock on your desk, even though everything from your smartphone to your laptop already has one built-in. It’s packed 60 color-changing LEDs into a spinning rainbow that makes every grueling conference call feel like a rave.

But the Chromatic isn’t just about fancy colors—lots of clocks can cycle through a rainbow of shades. What makes ThinkGeek’s creation unique is how they’ve been arranged into a circle graph-like design, with the individual slices serving as animated second, minute, and hour hands.


The Chromatic, which can be powered from an included AC adapter or a USB connection to your computer, has six different animation modes with cycling color wheels and full-on rainbow sweeps. If you’re stuck working under a set of fluorescent tubes all day long, this is almost certainly $50 well spent to help stave off boredom—or madness.


Illustration for article titled Time Passes As an Ever-Changing Rainbow On This Chromatic LED Clock

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