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Time Warner picked San Antonio as another test market for its "Start Over" service, a free upgrade to its network that lets viewers use an existing digital cable box to rewind and pause programs. It amounts to a crippled network DVR—not letting you fast-forward, which would let you skip commercials. This San Antonio test follows one that's been ongoing in Columbia, South Carolina for a while.

During the test period, not all the programs can be rewound. While many network programs are currently able to use the service, laggard greedmeisters such as Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema haven't been convinced yet. Good luck with that, Time Warner.


It sure would be nice to have a hardware-free way to time shift, pause and even fast-forward video, but those who wish to cram commercials down our throats won't like that idea a bit.

Time Warner Cable Launches Network DVR (Sort Of) [Zatz Not Funny]

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