Tips From an Expert: A Penthouse Photographer on Taking Pics of Beautiful Women

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Click to viewSo, you want to take more professional-looking pictures. You know who takes a lot of professional pictures? Earl Miller, Penthouse Magazine's most published photographer. He seemed an appropriate enough person to ask for some advice, so we asked him to give us some tips for shooting pictures that'll make both aspiring pornographers and regular-old photographers take better snaps. He sent us five tried-and-true pointers on how to get the most out of your camera-and to improve your burgeoning career, if that's what you're looking for. So gather up your leopard-print throw pillows, faux-roman columns, flea market art and a willing model and get ready to become a professional letch. It's your destiny.


Know your camera, whether digital or film. Shoot at 125th of a second to freeze motion and at an f-stop of at least 5.6 for a greater depth of field. The f-stop determines how much light is let in to the sensor, affecting what parts of the image are in focus and how sharp it is. An ideal f-stop would be f-11. Do these things and your images will be sharp.

Use a soft light source. Outside, shoot in open shade, not direct sunlight. Inside, use window light as your main light. If you shoot close enough to the window, you should get enough light to shoot at 125th and f-11. If you shoot in Auto mode, the camera will make all these choices for you. If your light level is low, then use the on-camera flash, just for fill light. Still, use as much available light as possible. The on-camera flash alone is too harsh a light for glamour lighting.

Spend time with the girl on styling. Choose wardrobe, colors and settings that flatter her. Go with what she feels good in.

Have her use soft natural glamour makeup.

Now you are ready to go for it. Don't be afraid to shoot too much, then cut out the bad shots later. And learn from your mistakes (which you will definitely make). Give the girl some of the good shots. [Earl Miller - This link contains explicit hardcore images and is extremely NSFW.]



The lighting is not really nice and even... the highlights are too strong on her face and one leg looks darker than the other. Overall it's not a really impressive shot. the column is really nicely lit though.@


best thing to do is to get a good cheap prime lens, like a 50mm f1.8 prime and multiple light sources, so that you can eliminate harsh shadows...