Illustration for article titled Tired of iTunes Thugs emRuining/em emYour/em Movies? Did you know that U can Have emReal True/em Personal Freedom?

Wired and the Lifehacker wants—and can!—to show you the path to real iTunes autonomy with DVD movie discs, for freedom, for free!*.


Did you know that?


has the


iTunes DRM incarceration rate in the developed world, did you know that?

but with free programs and software you can uncurl the fingers of APPLE and realize you true potential.

Interested? Visit the sites or contact me immediately,and make sure to furnish me with your full:

}}}Company Name:
}}}Company Profile:
}}}Your Full Name:
}}}Contact Address:
}}}}Telephone/Mobile and Fax Numbers:
A}}}ge/Marital Status:
}}}A copy of your identity(Drivers License or international passport):

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