TI's OMAP4 Chipset Promises Insane Performance and 145 Hours Battery Life

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TI's new dual-core OMAP4 mobile chipset, the sequel to the OMAP3 series that powers the Droid and Palm Pre (among others), claims crazy performance: Three independent displays running 1080p video, for example, and an estimated 145-hour battery life for audio.


Basically, TI made up a kind of demo unit (pictured) to show what the OMAP4 can do, which is not inconsiderable. The demo unit is a portable device running Android, equipped with two screens and HDMI-out as well as a 12MP camera, pico projector, plus all the wireless protocols and sensors you can imagine. It's a fantasy device, most certainly not intended for market, but it's a pretty effective way to get our hearts racing.

The ARM A9-based chipset will be competing with the Apple A4 and Tegra 2 in tablets and smartbooks, but it's also small enough and energy-efficient enough to power handhelds—good news, since it's got some pretty serious muscle. The demo unit uses a dual-1GHz-core version, and supports 1080p video recording at 24/30fps, three simultaneous independent displays (why you'd need that is beyond me), 20MP image processing, and more memory bandwidth than the Tegra 2 (for better multitasking). Besides that, TI's built in image stabilization and "universal decoding," which means it should be able to (software permitting) play back just about any media file you throw at it. TI claims that with a 1000 mAh battery, it can hit 145 hours of audio playback, which sounds freaking insane—the current OMAP3 can only get between 30 and 40.

It's slated to hit the market either in late 2010 or early 2011, aimed first at smartphones and later possibly larger devices like ereaders or tablets. We'll report on it more as it gets closer to release, but even if the chip can only hit 75% of what it claims, it'll still be damned impressive. [Slashgear]


The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner

"three simultaneous independent displays (why you'd need that is beyond me),"

Okay, work with me here.

Let's say you're in the middle of shooting an amateur porn video with your girlfriend, and you're trying to recreate some scene you've seen before, but can't remember. So, without shutting off the camera, you can browse YouPorn for the clip you want, and run it alongside the video you're shooting to ensure the most faithful reproduction. And, even while you're in the middle of this you can take a video phone call from your best friend to brag about what your girlfriend will do on camera without interrupting anything.

I can see that coming in very useful.