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Word has it that TiVo is working with IFC to supply some of their content to TiVo subscribers. This is very important. TiVo isn't doing very well—they've got a great product and they have the total first-mover advantage, but everybody and their dog can now embed TiVo-like functionality into every ugly box in Best Buy, so TiVo is going to get it if they don't evolve. Which they're doing.

No word on the quality because, as we know:

The quality level of material to be made available via TiVo Download has not been quantified: programs and (especially) movies encoded using TiVo's generally-acceptable MPEG encoding would be quite large and potentially require hours to download via commonly available broadband connections.


I suspect this will be a pick and queue sort of thing, which is fine by me.

TiVo Testing Internet-delivered Television [DesignTechnica]