TiVo Desktop 2.5 Update Coming, Doesn't Fix Everything

Ears to the ground, we're hearing reliable sources saying that TiVo Desktop 2.5 is on its way, and may be released as early as today. The handy utility that lets you snag videos your TiVo has recorded right there on your PC and use them on other devices will finally get Windows Vista support, as well as support for our favorite codecs, DivX and XviD. Sources also say it will be easier to convert individual shows from your Now Playing list on the desktop with just a right-click. What's noticeably missing from this update?

Still no support for Series 3 TiVos, showing that the fraidy-cat studios still indirectly control what TiVo programmers can do, and ultimately what we can do with content we've recorded. Does anybody remember that Betamax decision, long, long ago? Some of these crybabies must not have even been born yet when the hammer came down on that one, giving consumers the right to record video in their homes and do whatever they wanted with it. Well, within reason. But then, reason isn't part of this greed-infested equation, now is it? [Zatz Not Funny]


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