TiVo Killing Off Series3 v1 to Focus on TiVo HD?

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Rumor has it that TiVo will be accelerating the end of life process on the Series3 recorder to focus all of their energy on the newly released TiVo HD. Makes sense, whether true or not because the HD is nearly as powerful as the Series3 V1, just missing a few ports, that OLED screen and THX certification. At less than half the price, although at with less storage. UPDATE: TiVo has chimed in with an explanation.

Yes, we are nearing the end of production on this particular model of the Series3 hardware. However, we are not 'End Of Lifing' the product (EOL). Development continues on new features and capabilities for all Series3 platforms, including this specific model. There is no impact to current or future customers of this model, they can continue to expect and enjoy the TiVo Service on their DVR. Availability of the 250G model will vary from retailer to retailer throughout the year, and as a result we are currently recommending the TiVo HD model as an alternative solution for their customers.


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As a new owner of an HD TiVo I feel I have to chime in with my GUSHING praise of the newer series. After the holidays we were weighing the options of both, but only seriously considering the Series 3 b/c they were offering a $300 discount. The only real differences between the two are cosmetic, and even then barely boil down to an issue in the least. (So you can't see the name of the program being recorded when your TV is off. Did you really need to in the first place?) True, the Series 3 has more storage, but when it comes down to it, 15 or 20 hours extra hours doesn't make a difference, because you'll still have to erase a lot of shows that you would otherwise want to keep. I recommend buying the expandable DVR; with 85 hours of HD or 850 hours of standard def, you will never have to erase a show. ever. again. (Okay, eventually you will, but you get my point.)