TiVo Lifetime Subscriptions Have Returned

Those who hate the idea of a monthly prick on the finger compared to a one-time police baton to the groin will be pleased to know that TiVo's Product Lifetime Subscription is back. The catch? It's more expensive than it used to be...for some.

New subscribers will have to fork over $399 to avoid monthly charges for the life of their new TiVo—that's $100 more than the traditional $299 fee (but to be fair, it's the same price we saw around the holidays last year). However, existing subscribers with multi-room setups (those who are paying for multiple subscriptions) can still get the $299 deal.

I've read countless comments complaining that the lifetime deal was gone, and it's a good option to return to customers. But even though I'm running two TiVos in my house, I'll probably be replacing one or both of them before I'd ever see the savings over my monthlies.


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