TiVo May Be Coming To Time Warner Cable

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According to Bloomberg, TiVo is preparing to make a push into more living rooms, including Time Warner Cable subscribers, now that a federal court ruling backs the company's digital-recording patent.


Because Dish was ordered to pay royalties to TiVo for violating their patent on technology that allows viewers to record and play back video at the same time, TiVo now has major leverage that all but forces other cable providers to do business. Naturally TWC, the nation's second largest cable provider, is top on their target list—and they are said to be in the midst of discussions. Because getting around the patent is no easy task, it seems likely that TiVo will see its market share grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come. [Bloomberg / Image via Jake Ludington]


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I want to invent a toaster with interchangeable heating elements. That way you can buy one toaster and if you want different logos (Tivo, Darth Vader etc.) you can just put in some new elements.