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Yahoo and TiVo have partnered to enable you to schedule recordings via the Yahoo! TV portal. If you're signed into Yahoo! and head to, you'll see a "Schedule now to your TiVo" option. Just go to an episode you want to record, and click "Record to my TiVo box." The next time your TiVo connects, the request will automatically be transmitted (an hour for broadband, 36 hours if your TiVo uses dialup). It requires a valid Yahoo! account, of course, as well as a TiVo Series 2 DVR. Doesn't sound too different from what you can already do via TiVo's own online scheduling, but I'm assuming this is to provide additional convenience for Yahoo! users. Also, news is that Yahoo! and TiVo will be sharing content like traffic, weather, and user photos later on this year. This is hot on the heels of TiVo attempting to build a service that will let consumers search for videos on the Web and watch them on TV — not to mention TiVo's recent loss of DirecTV support. The TiVo deathwatch meter is bouncing all over.

Yahoo plans to connect services with TiVo []


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