Today In Android Rumors: Version 2.1 to T-Mobile, Espresso Sense UI Spotted in Video

How about a nice Android rumor and a nifty video to kick start your afternoon? Well we have both: Exhibit A is a rumor regarding T-Mobile, while B is a video of Espresso in action:

To be quirky, here's B first:

It's a down and dirty little walk-through, featuring a slightly more polished menu and a new launcher bar in the corner.

The second bit is a rumor regarding Android 2.0. It might be headed to T-Mobile, you see, on the T-Mobile G1. Further unconfirmed reports state it might actually be version 2.1 (Google Nexus One type stuff!). CES is coming soon. We expect more then, but possibly sooner. This is the Internet after all. Total sieve. [Mobile Tech World via Engadget and AndroidSPIN]

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Tony Kaye ⌨

I really like that UI. The screen is so crisp and the icons/widgets just look so very welcome. I wish the iPhone OS had something similar. I'm really jealous of seeing all of the new Android flavors come and go. The customization and tweaking, whether by the modders, Google, or the OEM's, are advancing so quick that it makes me think why Apple, Windows Mobile and RIM are lagging so far behind. I'm loving Android more and more as the days go by, and it's only a matter of time before the right hardware & software combo comes along and finally makes me ditch my loved/loathed Apple device.