Tokyoflash Denshoku Bars It All To Tell Time

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Oh Tokyoflash, how you challenge our perceptions of what a watch should be. The company's newest item, the Kisai Denshoku, looks more like some kind of sound meter, with orange neon bars on an aluminum faceplate. Denshoku is actually one of the easier Tokyoflash watches to read, not that anyone who actually buys these things would use them to tell time in the first place.

Press a button and a number of the twelve light bars will brighten up three times—once for hours, then for groups of ten minutes, then for single minutes. Pressing the button again will speed up the time display. According to the folks at Tokyoflash, Denshoku was modeled on Tokyo's Shinjuku skyline, which glows neon all through the night. Frankly, looking at their past designs, what watch model wasn't modeled on the Shinjuku skyline? [Tokyoflash]