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Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie Will Soon Have A Spy Showdown On Your TV Screen

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We all love Tom Hiddleston, and this spring, you’ll get to see him on your TV once a week—as a spy no less. Some new details have been revealed about his new project The Night Manager, a six-part miniseries that will air in April on the BBC and AMC.

The Night Manager is based on a 1993 novel by John le Carré. It tells the story of former British soldier (Hiddleston) who dragged into a hunt for an international arms deal (House’s Hugh Laurie). Producers describe the post-Cold War espionage story as more of a “Bromance” than a straight up thriller. Which makes the casting for Laurie and, for most fans Hiddleston especially, that much more exciting. Here’s the first image:


As for why The Night Manager is coming to TV rather than the movies, several different teams, filmmakers and companies tried to adapt it for film but none of them could cut down the huge scope into that time frame. Hence the six-part miniseries, shot all over the world in 75 days.


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Image credit: Hiddleston in High Rise, EW

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