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Tomarni Stealth Gaming PCs

Bragging about a quiet gaming PC may be seen as the techie equivalent of revving the engine of a Corvette that's not running, but it's an interesting concept nonetheless. Tomarni is a company previewing what may be the world's first near-silent gaming PC.


Featuring dual and quad core processors, and a full gamut of high end video cards and components, we don't know how the German engineers figured out to shut the mammoth PCs up, but we're assuming it involves lots of liquid cooling and/or the unique thermal properties of bratwurst. For now there's no word on price or availability, but we'll keep you updated. Quietly. [tomarni via engadget]

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im pretty sure you could build a silent audio recording PC just as easy as this kind of pc, and you could naturally use a gaming pc for anything including audio.

truth be told, i don't think a strictly recording pc is going to need nearly the power a gaming machine does. especially if you have a nice audio card with hardware ADCs. I can play halflife 2 on medium settings, and can barely play battlefield 2142 on max settings, yet I use my soundcard to record 20 channels if i want and its no problem... my video card sucks, but my audio card rules. and audio card doesn't need a fan. so if i could build the rest of my pc quiet adding the soundcard would be nothing?