If your kids have been jonesing to get their Vine on, but you'd rather not put a $500 mobile device in their hands just so they can create bite-size six-second videos, Takara Tomy has a cheaper solution. Its new Magical 6 camera does basically the same thing as the Vine app, but with a little more legwork needed to share the videos online.

Powered by four-AA batteries that keep it running for up to three full hours of non-stop use, the Magical 6 also has fun effects like slo-mo and reverse playback, and even a standard tripod mount on the underside for shooting stop-motion animations. The most important feature is the camera's $60 price tag when available in a few weeks. That's just $10 per second of entertainment for your kids, but be prepared to sit through a film festival featuring hundreds of their six-second non-sensical movies. [Takara Tomy via Akihabara News]


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