Tonic: If You Could Only See

Due to a chain of events that I can't rightly remember, I embarked on a journey today; I began to plow through a wondrous Spotify playlist featuring all the tracks from "Now That's What I Call Music" albums 1-45, in order. Tonic's "If You Could Only See" is but one of the hidden treasures the frankly mammoth playlist contains.

Off the band's 1996 debut Lemon Parade, "If You Can Only See" is a no-frills pop-rock hit that stands the test of time. It is, to my mind, one those simple, gets-the-job-done "oh god the agony and ecstacy of love" singles that just hits you right in your teenage-soul. The lyrics aren't exactly poetry, but they aren't bad, and the melody is still pleasant as ever, along the lines of something like an Eve 6 jam.


So sit back, and take a little trip to the past. And if this isn't an old jam of yours, there's plenty more in that playlist. Dig in. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]

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