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Tons of tumbleweeds invade and bury city near Roswell, New Mexico

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Clovis—a New Mexico town northeast of Roswell—has been devoured by The Tumbleweeddom. Resident Lee Cassidy said that "it looked like a herd of cows coming... the tumbleweeds were just rolling in here." And indeed they rolled, burying streets and homes under piles over 8 feet high. The scenes are surreal.

Talking to News Channel 10, city engineer Justin Howalt said the mountains of tumbleweed were "high enough like I said to the roof lines, their garages were covered, their backyards are covered in them, so basically instead of being snowed in you are tumbleweeded in."

The windstorm that brought the tumbleweeds happened last Sunday, but town crews and citizens are still cleaning up the mess. They are also being helped by personnel from nearby Cannon Air Force Base, which is popular among ufologists. Like nearby Roswell.


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