Shoveling your vehicle out of a mountain of fresh snow in the morning is not only a terrible way to start your day, it could be downright dangerous if you're not in the best of shape. A snowblower is a far better alternative, but who wants to drop all that money when there's the risk of a snow-free winter? Toro agrees, and is now offering a full refund to anyone who buys a new snowblower and never has the chance to use it.

As part of the company's new S'no Ri$k Guarantee, if your hometown sees less than ten percent of its average snowfall this winter, you get a full refund and get to keep your new snowblower—as long as it's purchased between now and November 15. And if it does snow, but stays below fifty percent of your local average, you'll get a ten percent refund on your new Toro hardware. That is a win-win situation, especially if nature spares you the deluge of flakes this winter and a freezing cold morning clearing the driveway. [Toro via The Red Ferret Journal]