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Toshiba Making Upconverting DVD Players Because HD DVD Loss Still Stings

Illustration for article titled Toshiba Making Upconverting DVD Players Because HD DVD Loss Still Stings

Poor Toshiba's still not quite over the HD DVD defeat earlier this year, as evidenced by its president saying that they will "not market DVD players that are compatible with Blu-ray," instead opting for upconverting DVD players to bide their time before Blu-ray becomes so prevalent that the company has no choice.


However, if you're looking at this from a pure monetary view, the amount of DVDs installed and the fact that the Blu-ray library is really tiny compared to the DVD library, Toshiba's decision might make them some decent cash. The end result is that consumers shouldn't expect a Toshiba Blu-ray player for a little while. [TGDaily]

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Yeah, those HDDVD players are great upconverters... if you don't mind hardware 2-3 times larger than a standard player, waiting a full minute for the box to boot up, waiting 2 seconds for the unit to respond to each remote press, and no modern features of a DVD player (resume, zoom, etc). Give it a rest with the HD-DVD players being the "best" up converters! There are plenty other brands that do just as good and don't behave like a 1st-gen DVD player. Stop trying to justify your purchasing mistake. You sacrifice so much when using them for regular DVD.