Another week, another display manufacturer trying to make us believe that large OLED screens are going to happen someday. Like Really-Real-Soon-Now™. This time it's the Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Corporation, a joint venture that has been mass-producing 3.5-inch OLED screens for some time, showing off a 20.8-inch screen with a rather smleh 1280 x 768 pixels resolution and your usual 16.7 million colors.


Quite frankly, at this point I am starting to think that OLED will never really happen for big screens, but what about you, daring blurry-eyed morning reader? Will large scale OLED TVs and monitors ever reach the hands of consumers? Or is LCD, with the new battle for LED-based backlighting raging on, going to stay for the next decade and beyond? Please leave your opinions, cream-cheese bagel crumbs and Starbucks latte drops, right after the jump.

Press release (japanese) [Toshiba Matsushita Display via PC Watch]