Toshiba Media Server is a Wireless Powerhouse, Dodecahedron

Illustration for article titled Toshiba Media Server is a Wireless Powerhouse, Dodecahedron

This strangely sexy (for a networked storage device) Toshiba wireless media server concept on show at CEATEC takes a novel approach to design; as wires disappear, the necessity for an unimaginative stack of home theater equipment is diminished. The device is loaded with wireless capabilities, including Wi-Fi, wireless HDMI (presumably the WirelessHD protocol) and for the sake of variety, Near Field Communication (NFC). Something like this might not do well to come from Toshiba, as WirelessHD is limited to line-of-sight transmissions and NFC is slower than Bluetooth, in addition to hardly being equipped on anything. The design concept is fantastic though, and this shiny almost-ball could sit anywhere in your room and look great (or at least interesting). The driving force behind the design is even more enticing: make the unbound device look like something you could put on your coffee table, shelf or counter, because, well, that's exactly where it might end up. [Ubergizmo]



Rumor has it that it's preloaded with a copy of the upcoming movie Cockpuncher starring Steven Segal.