Toshiba Qosimo G30 Set for UK Launch

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Toshiba launches its HD-DVD ready Qosimo G30 laptop next month, the first to use a one-bit digital amplifier and Harman Kardon s bass-reflex speaker technology.
It's the inclusion of an HD-DVD drive, however, that really makes the G30 stand out.

Heralded by some (well, not the Blu-Ray camp) as the heir-apparent to current generation DVDs, single layer HD-DVDs have a 15GB capacity, while its dual layer discs have 30GB, affording gigabyte-hungry high definition content a nice place to stay.

Gamers can look forward to pushing the system s graphics full tilt with nVidia a GeForce 7600, with 256MB VRAM.


Expect the Qosimo G30 (in the UK, at least) in April for just over $4,000.

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