Illustration for article titled Toshibas Dishing Out a 55-inch 3DTV with 4x the HD (And No Glasses!)

If you have over $10,000 and a hunger for ludicrously high definition TVs, Toshiba's impending 55-inch predator is gunning for your wallet and cranium. 4k resolution is more spec candy than anything, but glasses-free 3D? Yes please.


If you want 3D, you'll have to do with a measly 720p, but 2D content will enjoy the beastly mega-resolution that smashes 1080p by a factor of four. Engadget says it'll arrive the first quarter of this year. So start saving. Let's hope CES has more headwear-eliminating 3D sets (and 4k resolution monsters). [Engadget via The Verge]


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